• Mother Dirt AO+ Mist

AO+ Mist is a live probiotic spray for the skin. Restores balance to dry, oily, and sensitive skin types.

Important! This product must not freeze or be stored in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. If you live in the countryside and have a postbox outside, please consider this if you order during winter.

AO+ Mist is formulated with soil based, alive ammonium oxidizing bacteria who act as "peace keepers" in the microbiological war we are figthing on our skin by our modern and sometimes exaggerated hygiene.

The products from Mother Dirt® are formulated with the help of clinical research. They are hypoallergenic, non irritating, clinically tested and dermatologist approved. AO+ Mist:

  • Rebalances the skin. From dry to moisturized. From oily to normal.
  • Excellent for those with sensitive skin.
  • Can be used on kids.
  • Improves skin clarity by 35% in 4 weeks.
  • Improves the look and feel of dry and uneven skin by 35% in 4 weeks.
  • Reduces dependence on products like deodorants, moisturizers, and makeup.
  • Preservative-free. No added fragrance.

In the press:

"bacteria - a healthy complexion's best friend"
Elle March 2016

Writer Goes Without Soap, Shampoo and Deodorant for a Month
The New York Times

Why do I need this?

We've been too clean. We've long believed that bacteria on the skin are harmful. Our skin is struggling. As we've gotten "cleaner", we're having more problems with our skin.
Skin needs good bacteria. Just like our gut needs good bacteria to be healthy, the same is true for our skin.

How to use it?

1. Shake it baby!

Shake bottle before each use.

2. Pick Your Areas

Anywhere you sweat is great. Like scalp, face, arm pits, hands, groin, feet.

3. Pick your times

Misting once a day or more. Here are some ideas:

  • After shower.
  • Instead of showering.
  • Post workout.
  • Bedtime.


  • A simpler routine. 60% of users are able to cut out deodorant. 2,42 avg products cut from routines.
  • Better skin! Restores natural balance. Improves oily and dry skin. Helps sensitive skin. Skin is softer, smoother.
  • Environmental benefits in the form of less water usage. 64% of users take shorter showers. 62% go longer between hairwashes.


Aqua (water), Nitrosomonas eutropha, disodium phosphate, magnesium chloride (natural salts).

More about the AOB Strain: Nitrosomonas eutropha
No fragrance or scent

US Patent 7820420


Preservative free

We don't use preservatives in any of our formulas, and we source pure, unpreserved raw ingredients. Why? Because preservatives function to prevent bacterial growth in formulas. On the skin, they have a big impact on the bacterial ecosystem.

Because we don't use preservatives, our products have a shelf life. The AO+ Mist is the only product that may require refrigeration due to the live AOBs. Whether you refrigerate or not will depend on how quickly you use a bottle. The bacteria can withstand temperatures between 0-40 degrees Celsius. They should not be stored at temperatures below freezing point.

Best used by:
Refrigerated: within 6 months
Room temp: within 4 weeks

How AOBs work

AOBs can do something no other active ingredient can: They convert ammonia into beneficial byproducts. In fact, everywhere in nature with ammonia, there's also AOBs, except modern human skin, where it was wiped out due to modern hygiene.

When we reintroduce AOBs to the skin, they have a "peacekeeper" effect: By consuming ammonia they help keep a healthy pH on our skin. Plus, it's byproducts help calm the skin & keep other microorganisms in check.

It's not just about skin care, it's about skin health. This is why our research partner, AOBiome, is dedicated to clinical research on AOBs as a treatment for skin disorders.

About our Products

In our modern world, with the rise of probiotics, DIY cosmetics, no poo products, and other natural skin care solutions, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what is means to live healthy and have healthy skin. The biohacking trend along with a shift towards more natural lifestyles, like Paleo, have led the way for an educated population around the benefits of probiotics and supplements. Yet in this move towards DIY remedies and supplements to help rebalance health, we seem to have overlooked the very important ecosystem of the skin microbiome. Much like our gut relies on active probiotics and other gut bacteria to restore health, the biome of the skin needs to maintain certain bacteria on the skin for health.

At AOBiome, the parent company of Mother Dirt, we research probiotics of the skin, specifically ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB), which are essential to restore skin to a natural state. We've developed a live probiotic, AO+ Mist, which contains the good bacteria, AOB. This soil bacteria is the best probiotic for your skin, as AOBs act as peacekeepers for the bacterial ecosystem of your microbiome, helping the other bacteria live in harmony with each other. Using the AO+ Mist can help rebalance skin, the benefits of which can vary widely since every microbiome is unique. The measure for an effective probiotic can be different for person to person- For example, someone with oily skin might find after using the good probiotic of the AO+ Mist that his skin is less oily, while someone with dry skin might find his skin is more hydrated. Many users find they can start reducing showers or incorporate a no soap or reduced soap hygiene routine.

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Mother Dirt AO+ Mist

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